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Welcome to Jack and Jill Montessori, pre school and afterschool in Galway! Founded in 2002, we offer superb facilities and very well trained and qualified staff to help secure your child's future.

We are also participants in the ECCE scheme, which allows every child to enjoy two years of free preschool and Montessori education in the year before they start primary school. In order to qualify for this scheme a child must be two years and eight months old by 1st of September of the year on which they start.

At Jack and Jill we work around standard school holidays and breaks, offering support to parents and children alike, and our afterschool service provides healthy meals alongside exciting and inspiring activites to help your child grow while playing with other children of a similar age.

Our popular preschool and afterschool facilities are usually very busy, so don't forget to book early, contact Rosaleen today to secure your place!

Why Jack and Jill Montessori?

Pre School Montessori

Offering the best possible Montessori preschool education in Galway for your child, with qualified teachers, sharing, playing and learning alongside other children of the same age.


Get the most from our state of the art afterschool service by contacting us today, where we can arrange nutritious dinners, a study space, flexibility and support for your child.

About Jack and Jill

Founded in 2002, Jack and Jill Montessori, Preschool and Afterschool is the name you can trust with your child's future and educational needs. We have the teachers and facilities for you!